XXXII Traditional Karate European Championship 17 – 18 October 2015

IV Traditional Karate European Children’s Cup


During XXXII WTKF European Championship in Traditional Karate, which ended in Vilnius on Sunday 18 October, the representative of Traditional Karate-Do Federation of Great Britain, Anna Machtylska, won the bronze medal in the senior category, in competition Fuku-go.

In the Championships in the Siemens Arena there were several hundred athletes from 15 countries competing. At the same time the IV European Traditional Karate Children’s Cup was held, where also the representatives of the TKFGB’s youngest gave the account of high performance. In individual kata competitions Casper Wielgosz and Jayson Lopez finished on the podium, winning silver medals.

In addition to the junior finalists, our team, in the number of 9 seniors and 15 juniors, can boast a considerable number of quarter-finalists which was in itself a remarkable achievement, taking into account the general, very high technical level of the tournament and a huge number of athletes. The following TKFGB members had a chance to fight to enter the final four: Kirils Snikeris, Adriana Peiseniece Philip Majchrzak and Matveis Pekuskins in junior kata. Pawel Kutermankiewicz reached the quarter-finals in senior individual kumite.

”Looking at the results of our team in Vilnius, I can state that consistent work during our training and the training system which we implement, brought about the desired results. Especially enjoying is the first ever medal for TKFGB, captured in an event of international rank by Anna Machtylska. Having secured the bronze in fuku-go, or double-discipline competition requiring excellent preparation in both kata and kumite, Anna demonstrated that she belongs to the best female fighters of Traditional Karate in Europe. Noteworthy is also a great form of Pawel Kutermankiewicz, who, just as in last year’s World Championships in Geneva, could only be defeated in individual kumite in the fight for the bronze medal” – summed up TKFGB president, sensei Zbigniew Godzisz 3 Dan.