• Can anyone learn karate?
    Of course. Everyone, who can train other sports, can train karate.
  • Can children learn karate?
    Yes, they can. Each child above 9 years old with a correct motor system can train karate.
  • Can women train karate?
    Yes, they can. Thanks to the fact that karate makes use of the whole strength of the body, both men and women can create the accurately high strength of a technique.
  • How long must one learn karate?
    Studying and improving the karate techniques can never be completed. The more one trains the bigger improvement he makes. Every day the person who trains karate is becoming better than the person who does not train. In practise each karate student can get to know the basic techniques in a year time.
  • What are we wearing during the karate training?
    There are special clothes to train karate called karatega. However we can train in any sport clothes unless they limit our body movements.
  • Aren’t my hands and feet going to be deformed?
    Karate techniques are made using the strength of the whole body. Therefore a karate training directed towards strengthening only one of its part is useless. The karate which we learn does not make any defects of students’ hands or feet.
  • How long does it take to get “black belt”?
    The first “black belt” is admitted for mastering the basic techniques. In practise the first master level – 1DAN is achieved after 2-3 years of intensive training.