On 5th July 2015 an Interclub Kumite Competition was held in Norwich, Norfolk. The event gathered around 150 competitors in three categories: junior, cadet and senior.
The results were very pleasing for TKFGB. Our athletes won a total number of 12 medals including 6 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze.

Gold medals:

  • Richard Tayton – Seniors Male, individual kumite, 10-4 kyu
  • Anna Machtylska – Seniors Female, adult individual kumite, 3 kyu – dan
  • Filip Majchrzak – Juniors Male, individual kumite, 6-4 kyu
  • Kornelia Malczewska – Juniors Female, individual kumite, 10-4 kyu
  • Alex Podolsky – Cadets Male, individual kumite, 6-4 kyu
  • Kacper Leszczynski – Juniors Male, individual kumite, 10-7 kyu

Silver medals:

  • Klara Haluzova – Seniors Female, individual kumite, 10-4 kyu
  • David Swiech – Junior Male, individual kumite, 6-4 kyu
  • Tadeusz Lejman, Pawel Kutermankiewicz, Rafal Labuda – Seniors Maie, team kumite, all grades
  • Kornelia Malczewska, Joanna Minnis, Batchelor – Juniors Female, team kumite

Bronze medals:

  • Marek Wozniak – Seniors Male individual kumite, 10-4 kyu
  • Richard Tayton, Marek Wozniak, Maciej Kowalik – Seniors Team Kumite, all grades

The hall was loaded with emotions as for all of our juniors it was the first opportunity to check their strengths at real traditional karate kumite tournament. Supported by their parents, they all showed extremely high level of determination and their skills proved effective, judging by the number of wins.

In sum it was yet another good training on the way of preparation to the Autumn European Championships in Lithuania.

Now we are all looking forward to the summer karate camp planned for 25 – 27th July in Boston.