TKFGB members are on the path of specialized training to achieve the 2017 European Championships goals. Therefore, on Apr 9th, 2017 we met in Enfield, North London, for common practice.

What was our plan?
We worked together with juniors and seniors on crafting kumite skills, the concept of swipes in particular, in different applications of timing.

Was it accomplished?
Yes, through the swipes basic practice and application of the above in kumite sparring. In addition, the juniors were practicing their kumite forms. So, we are on the right track to bring ourselves to a higher level as specified for competition day performance.

TKFGB extends thanks you to all participants for their great effort. We hope to see you all again on 6-7th May 2017, at the seminar with Sensei Wlodzimierz Kwiecinski in Boston.