Today’s Even -Polish Day in Peterborough in Cathedral Square-turned out to be a great opportunity to present Traditional Karate to a wider audience. An estimated of 3.000 spectators and participants at the event were highly enthusiastic and rewarded our efforts with loud applause. Traditional Karate Academy Peterborough and Traditional Karate Academy Boston organised themselves to deliver another spectacular demonstration. There were both seniors and children presenting their fighting and self-defence skills – it inspired many of the spectators to try their hand at Karate technique at our stall within the event. We launched a lot of competitive fun activities and earned huge interest from the parents enquiring about various details of our training.
We also had a surprise gift for all the little ones gathered at the site – we gave away a few hundred special edition T-shirts for free. Those were to commemorate the first big karate event in Peterborough – 3rd Traditional Karate Children’s Cup organised by our local Traditional Karate Academies (TKA Boston, Spalding and Peterborough).
We had a great opportunity to meet the Mayor of Peterborough, John Fox, accompanied by his spouse. We had a friendly conversation at our stall and answered numerous questions asked by Mr Mayor who showed keen interest in our activities and expressed his will to support our Peterborough Academy in the future. The meeting was concluded with a short photo session with Mr Fox and selected athletes of TKAP.