Great and well spent two-day seminar in Boston with one of the best Traditional Karate instructors in the world – Sensei W. Kwiecinski (8th Dan). Origins and purposes of the Traditional Karate have been illustrated by principles of Todome-Waza; Tai-no-sen and Amashi- Waza trained in variety of combinations reflected in Wankan, Gankaku and Hangetsu kata helped in transition to the DAN grading, which took place at the end of day one. The second day of the seminar was concluded with Heian-Nidan kata (for all grades). This has given us a good foundation for the TKFGB national squad training focused on the Kumite-Kihon (led by Sensei Lukasz Radwanski) and Kumite-timing exercises (led by Sensei Andrzej Czyrka).