27th June was a busy day for our Karate Boston Academy. We were invited to two town events to deliver a demonstration. Boston College Fun Day in Central Park was a major community celebration and an opportunity to spend all afternoon with sport, music, snacks and drinks.

Warm, sunny weather and great atmosphere kept emotions high so no wonder that the two demonstrations (1.00 and 4.00 pm) our Club carried out were enthusiastically welcomed and lots of juniors and seniors joined in with some fun activities on the mats. Frequent enquiries only confirmed genuine interest in the Art of Traditional Karate; its healthy and safe lifestyle values were highly appreciated, especially by parents with regards to their offspring.

Another highlight of the day took place in Boston Saturday School. The educational institution run by and for Polish community in Boston and the neighbouring areas was just holding the end of year festival on the premises and the management seemed happy to see us participate in the event.
For the Club it was a great chance to be able to talk to the School Principal, Ms Klaudia Cichawy as well as the parents and answer numerous questions about healthy and safe way of life we are promoting.

Having done three demonstrations in one day, our team set out for their homes exhausted but happy about having had yet another fruitful day.